WRMEA: Recovered Paper Market Report JAN/FEB 2019

01 February 2019

MD Angus Macpherson discusses the Recovered Paper Market.

As the Brexit process grinds painfully and with no apparent destination through the UK parliament, so recovered paper traders are having to face up to the reality that post 29 March 2019, there may be no deal and trade will be taking place under World Trade Organisation rules. Although the UK is a signatory in its own right to the Basel agreement on the transhipment of waste, there is many a slip anticipated between cup and lip to prevent the smooth transition from one regime to another. Additionally it is not clear whether Chinese legislation will allow the acceptance of any secondary raw materials from the UK once it is outside of the EU. It is hoped that pragmaticism will prevail but that is far from a comfortable position for those faced with the potential of rejection at Chinese ports or even EU destinations.

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