CIWM Circular: The Council Perspective

02 May 2019

Angus Macpherson considers recent consultations from the perspective of the council.

A pincer move by Defra and the Treasury to align the Government solution to Extended Producer Responsibility (EPR) for Packaging, Plastic Packaging in particular, and a shortfall in local authority funding may have eroded the complaint of lack of joined up Government. 

But, for some, the consequent result of 4 consultations, 3 regulatory impact assessments and 491 pages to read and respond to by 13 May (12 May for the Treasury), while applauded as a significant effort by all involved, may prove a little difficult to digest. 

What impact might the proposals have on the local authority? Consistent and simple messages about what can and cannot be recycled should reduce confusion and also increase quality as over enthusiastic householders no longer inadvertently add the wrong materials to kerb side recycling because it looks like it can be recycled.  

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