Rules and Procedures

This Rulebook was adopted by The Environment Exchange on 4th September 2001. A large number of amendments were introduced on 1st December 2006.

The WEN Marketplace opened on 9th April 2008. The date beside each rule in the index indicates the date on which the rule in question was last amended.

In addition to the Rules & Procedures of using t2e, there are specific notes about the participation criteria and specifications of the Recovered Paper (RP) Market. Please see PDF below.


Please contact t2e directly on 0844 800 9943 or if you have any questions about joining, or would like assistance.


t2e Rules & Procedures 2011 (PDF 229.5 KB)

t2e RP Market Rules 2011 (PDF 138.8 KB)

t2e Delivered RP Market Rules 2012 (PDF 695.9 KB)

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